A Weird Week: Head Coach Course Run and WoW

This has been a pretty bizarre week for me. Mary had to go to Texas and then New York on business. She gets back today. Ashley has spent the week at my parents place, swimming and having infinitely more fun than she has with me on a daily basis. We need a pool.

So it’s been me and the dog since Sunday night. It’s been weird. It’s way too much freedom.

Anyway, with my Head Coach review submitted I am officially shelving the game. Cool idea, at times lot of fun, but if I want a time killing grind I’ll play World of WarCraft…which I started back up this week. WoW remains the best time killer in gaming, and with the wife and kid on hiatus, I can only watch so much TV and play so much basketball.

I wanted to talk some today about Ohio State basketball, and how Thad Matta is turning the program into something very special, well beyond just landing Greg Oden but that’ll have to wait until later. I actually do have some work to do today before everyone gets home.

This also marks the waiting period before the release of NCAA ’07. I’ll be playing the game, most likely, on the Xbox so Dan and Todd can/will provide info on the 360 version.

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