More E3

Lotsa rumors are floating about right now re: the show. Next-Gen says it’s been cancelled. GameSpot UK says it’s a downsizing. Ars Technica then calls out Next-Gen as being journalistic doofuses (my word). Gaming Press catfight!!

I have no idea what’s up. We’ll know more tomorrow. If E3 goes on under a cheaper, smaller, more office-style banner I am %10000 for that. I hope that’s what happens. If E3 is dead and I don’t get to go next year, I just lost a lot of freelance cash. So..come on E3!

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One Response to More E3

  1. Joel Hulsey says:

    While I would hate to see it go away completely, they really should clamp down on who can attend. Thousands of young people get in that have no business being there.


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