Happy Birthday to Me

Well, today is a milestone birthday for me. 35. My hair has more white than black in it, and I’m really feeling it. Must be the real job. So, I bought myself a 2006 Passat to ease the pain. It works, at least until the registration bill comes due..

(This message posted just for shameless happy birthday Dan comments. Please start below).


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3 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Lord Flatus says:

    35?!?!?!Quit whining, ya little whipper-snapper. And have a great birthday! :)I’ll be 45 next birthday. Now *that’s* old.


  2. davet010 says:

    Happy birthday DanI’m between you and LF, in that I hit 40 in Sept.I don’t drive, so I’m treating myself to a trip to Barcelona which might possibly incorporate some soccer watching….assuming me and the other blokes can come up with a convenient excuse to park the wives/gfs on a Saturday night.I’m hopeful, and tbh I think they already expect it..


  3. Jonah Falcon says:

    Hey Dan, I turned 36 on Saturday (July 29). šŸ™‚


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