NCAA 360 Double Elimination Tourney

Now that I finally have a 360..I guess I oughta make use of it.

I figured I’d try to organize something a bit different that wouldn’t eat up as much time as a full blown league. Plus, leagues are tough to finish and touneys seem to have a higher connect rate as far as actually getting it done.We actually completed the 64 team NCAA CH2K6 tourney last year.

I don’t think the game supports what I want to do, so it will mosty likely be done by hand with the info posted online.

I’m setting up a 32 team double elimination NCAA 07 360 tourney. The catch is that the teams involved must be rated no HIGHER than a “B” OVR. I want to make it mildly fair so there isn’t an Ohio State playing Duke. I just think it’ll be more interesting with B lvl teams rather than the usual A-Rated suspects.

I believe the B rated teams are: (these are Xbox ratings and I assume it’s the same on the 360. My 360 is waiting on my new monitor..)

Please note that some teams are already spoken for. I have designated these teams with the *.

*Boston College
*Colorado State
Duke (is Duke really a B?)
Fresno St
*Iowa State
*Kansas State
*Miss St
New Mexico
*North Carolina
*Okie St
*Ole Miss
*San Diego State
Southern Miss
Wake Forest
*Western Mich

Of course if you want a B- (or worse) team feel free to take them. Brackets will be drawn up randomly after all 32 slots are filled.

If you want to play, pick and team and secure a spot. Post a comment or send us an email.

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19 Responses to NCAA 360 Double Elimination Tourney

  1. Lord Flatus says:

    Who took my Aztecs???I’m in with Nevada. They shredded my first dynasty season and kept my edited team of supermen from unlocking the “#1 Offense” achievement.I guess I better play a few games with them…


  2. Lord Flatus says:



  3. brian says:

    I’d be interested in playing–I’ll take Maryland.


  4. bill says:

    Brian whats your gamertag?


  5. Jon Diehl says:

    Bill -Missouri is rated a “B” overall, I’ll take them please.Thanks.Gamertag: XBoxJon


  6. Joel Hulsey says:

    Watch out! The Rainbow Warriors are comin’ to get ya!


  7. bill says:

    I’m playing as Pitt, BTW. Todd is Western Michigan and Dan is as of yet undecided.


  8. Dan Clarke says:

    I will take MSU.


  9. pb4201 says:

    i’ll take penn state please…pb


  10. pb4201 says:

    penn state please…pb


  11. brian says:

    Gamertag: brezz2001Thanks, looking forward to it, just purchased the 360 this weekend!brian


  12. bill says:

    pb, is Penn State a ‘B’ team on the 360? (I dont know, I dont have it in front of me. If so, then that’s cool.)


  13. Craig Tompkins says:

    My NCAA keeps crashing. Microsoft says 10-14 days until I get my 360 back from being repaired. So if I can start as late as August 13th or so, I’d like to play with North Carolina since I guess my Clemson Tigers must be ranked a B+?


  14. Jon Diehl says:

    I can check tonight and verify Penn State and Clemson’s ratings, but the existing list in this post isn’t entirely accurate. My Mizzou Tigers weren’t there originally. I guess the rosters and ratings differ from Xbox to 360.


  15. bill says:

    I’ll post an updated list when I get my monitor or someone else could throw me a bone. 😉


  16. pb4201 says:

    i think psu is higher than a B…if so i’ll take Navy…my bad…pb


  17. J.Malley says:

    Hi Bill,I would like to get in this with Ole Miss.GT: Gunther3


  18. dammitmattt says:

    I’d like to jump in and I’ll pick Minnesota. Gamertag is dammitmattt.What’s the schedule/timetable? Any other rules for the league?


  19. Joel Hulsey says:

    Anyone wanna play a practice game later tonight? I need some practice with Hawaii as I’ve never played with or against them. Gamertag is Yankeefan4444.


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