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Football Nostalgia

Baseball, at least in the States, is our most nostalgic sport. I think that’s mainly due to its age and the fact that stats drive it more than any game. That goes to more than just old players and stadiums … Continue reading

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Total Pro Golf Demo

Be sure to drop by Wolverine’s website and grab the demo. There’s also an early bird discount going on. Good, good stuff.

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1. Thanks for the info about replays in NCAA. The other Dan, I seriously doubt that EA is that smart to say if 2 players are playing in conferences that don’t have instant replay, then there are no challenges…I’ll have … Continue reading

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Titan Quest

Anyone playing this Diablo clone? Pretty fun. If you’re playing it online gimme a shout.

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NCAA 07 Xbox Sliders

I dunno how much more I will be playing the Xbox version but here’s what I settled on in terms of sliders. I played Heisman for a bit, and while that lvl is playable, I was getting my ass handed … Continue reading

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Bill's Quickie Movie Reviews

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – CrapSuperman Returns: “eh”Lady in the Water: Are you friggin’ kidding me?Cars: It’s no Nemo…Monster House: Best of this lotThe Lake House: Like I’d go see The Lake House…come on. Grizzly Man (DVD): … Continue reading

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No online challenges?

Why can’t you challenge a play in the online game of NCAA on the 360?

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