In Depth Big 10 Preview, Courtesy of the M Go Blog

One of my favorite Michigan blogs (for often pairing the rare duo of being funny and right at the same time), the M Go Blog, has posted a must read Big 10 preview. If you want to bone up on what to expect from the best conference in all of the Midwestern United States, this is as good, and detailed a free analysis as you’re likely to get. (Make sure to click each school link for the full write-up. The link posted here lists only the summaries.)

I’ll be the first in line to say I have no idea what to expect from the Wolverines this year. Last year was such an abomination that it’s tough to find optimism for the coming season. But they lose just six starters (three of them a bar or two less than notable), still have a boatload of talented players, and gain back some big players from injury. (Oh, Jake Long, how we missed thee. Please blocketh well for thy brother, Mike Hart. He’s electric, but fragile.) And the more I read about the new defensive coordinator, Ron English, the more faith I have that this team will be able to hold onto a fourth quarter lead, which was the bane of last year’s nightmarish season.

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