Out of the Tourney

Well thanks to PB4201’s whipping of me, I”m now out of the tournament. Good luck guys! It was rather funny, as I picked BC — the only problem was that BC wasn’t my tournament team. I forgot I picked Mississippi State. It only got worse from there, as I remember saying “How the F@#% is Florida State a B” as I lost 35-21. Yikes.

Because I pretty much buy anything Live Arcade related (hey, I do get to review the games, so that’s good), I picked up Time Pilot last night. Checking the usual haunts, I was rather flabbergasted by this Hilary-like review of Time Pilot, giving it a 5. Compared to the original release of Frogger and Street Fighter, this game was much better to me.

Of course, I am a little biased — I enjoy playing the original on GameTap and have fond ColecoVision memories of the game. I remember how much easier the Coleco game was vs the arcade :). The HD graphics are one of the better improvements I’ve seen. You’ll have to wait to read the rest of my review, but I’m enjoying it.

Now keep in mind this is the same site that ‘held off’ on a review of Hold’Em until the camera was released. Do they really think everyone will buy a camera to play that game; further, do they think the camera will be on that person’s face?

I know, a lot of people will be “why are you an IGN hata” etc, but let me explain. IGN and GameSpot are probably the two biggest sites that “commoners” go to for game news and reviews. I think they should set the standard high for writing and quality. Now, I’m not going to make fun of anyone if they defend their reasoning for the game, but to me on Time Pilot it seems there was a hatred of the game before they even got to play it on arcade.


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  1. Joel Hulsey says:

    Hahaha!! Now I don’t feel so bad. Someone else made the same mistake as I did. It’s hell getting older isn’t it Dan? Our memories are the first things to go… đŸ˜‰


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