No 2k7 in the House (Yet)

For whatever reason, the local Blockbusters tell me that they won’t be getting NBA 2k7 in until Friday. Actually, the second place told me Friday. The first guy, after I said, “did you guys get NBA 2k7 today,” answered, “Is that football?”

I kid you not. After I said “NBA” the teenaged male behind the counter asked me if it was a football game. What is happening to the youth of America?

I swear, for a state that prides itself so much on its basketball roots, the Blockbusters in Indiana place zero priority on their basketball gaming titles. Last year they took in one lousy copy of College Hoops for the Xbox. One. In the Hoosier state. I don’t know how many of NBA 2k7 they’re getting, but it had damn well be more than that or…


I’ll complain about it some more, I guess.

Anyway, assuming I do get a copy for rental on Friday, I’ll hopefully have some impressions to post by Monday morning. (I do plan to buy the game at some point, but I’d rather save up some Gamefly bucks and get a discount on it through them.)

In the meantime, I’ve been playing more Guitar Hero. A lot of it. It took all of a day to do all the tracks on Easy. I had some hiccups on Medium when I got to the last track (Bark at the Moon), but after a week of getting better ratings for the songs I could complete on Medium (as well as getting indoctrinated into Hard), I’ve managed to get past it. The only song for which I don’t yet have at least a 4-star review on Medium is Cowboys from Hell.

So for the last couple week or two I’ve been playing exclusively on Hard. It’s aptly named, but I am getting used to having to work in that fifth fret button and I’ve once again managed to get through every track save two: Cowboys from Hell and Bark at the Moon (of course). It’s become clear to me now that I can no longer avoid learning how to do proper pull-offs and push-ons. The skill appears to be crucial to completing those two songs and to getting better than a three star review in the other songs in the last couple groups on this difficulty.

I was ready to trash the PS2 yesterday (I couldn’t, though, since it’s Bill’s) when I had survived 95% of Cowboys From Hell only to bomb out on those last couple sections. It’s a special kind of pain to carry around with you when you get that close to a song that’s been impossible for you, only to fail. I tried three or four more times after that and never got past 80%.

Curse you Cowboys from Hell! Curse you!!!

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