Wow. Fun. Really fun. Well, against another person, anyway. I haven’t played a game against the AI, but Dave came over last night and we played a couple of games on default All Star and took turns laughing our collective asses off at the 24/7 mode. It’s sooo cornball and we made this guy that looks like a chain smoking zombie, but the entertainment value was high in a slapstick, goofy, Midnight Madness sorta way.

The game itself looks fantastic on the 360 outside of the player faces which I think look like crap. (Thankfully on the important meter this is about as low as it gets). The individual shooting techniques, the passing, the flow, and the overall feel of the game is spectacular, though. Dave’s Sixers beat my Celtics 84-80. I hate losing to Dave.

We had one graphic glitch where a player’s shorts turned invisible (literally) and he was running around with only a torso and a head for about 45 seconds. Weird.

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2 Responses to NBA 2K7

  1. Tim says:

    Dude, Midnight Madness is the best movie ever made. Major props for that reference.The sea is reversed. S.S. Itari is mixed up and blind.


  2. Lord Flatus says:

    Frys has the 360 version for $59.99 and the old Xbox version for $29.99. :(I think I am going to have to skip NBA2kX this year and get College Hoops, since I skipped CH last year and got NBA2k6.


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