No Live

I have no impressions of NBA Live 07 because EA has yet to send a review build to CGM. Not sure why that is…but it may be because the game is getting blasted in the press right now (on the console anyway). Of course EA didn’t send GameSpy a review build of NHL 07 PC either; I had to buy that myself and ask for a reimbursement. Weird, weird stuff.

NBA 2K7 is a pretty darn good game. I still need to get used to the controls — there’s a LOT to do in this game, and I think I need to learn how to use the lead pass button because my players keep stopping on fast breaks and fast players get caught from behind on breaks a bit too much for my taste. Sebastian Telfair may not be the next great NBA PG, but he IS supposed to be kinda fast.

I think it may need a few slider adjustments here and there — there’s quite a bit of dunking and FG% for both human and CPU is a bit high, but I dunno yet if that’s because players shoot too well or that they get too good of a look in the paint. I need to play a bit more. Fatigue may also need a tweak. I play on 10 minute quarters and subs are rare unless there are foul issues. I may actually go up to 12, though. The game has that good of a pace to it.

Overall, after a handful of games (and getting my ass handed to me on All Star lvl) this is proving to be a hell of a good time.

I’m going to tool around franchise mode this weekend. Tonight is OSU/Iowa, though.


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