Saturday Musings

Good morning…

Last night I stayed up way too late, my friend from Japan was begging me to play Doom…so we did video chat and he was very jealous of my camera…so we went to play Uno instead. The cam on Uno was hysterical…we had a Butt-head imitator that was hysterical, although I could have done without the cam of his teeth.

This morning, my son wanted to play co-op Doom. We had a lot of fun. Doom brings back great memories of the early/mid 90s for me and I still enjoy the game. It really works on the console becuase there’s pretty much no aiming required. And you don’t have to do that silly dial up modem connection for game play.

I’m surprised Duke Nukem isn’t on XBLA these days….

I have lot of games to review, and I’m still waiting for Mario Hoops from GameFly. First one got “lost” …. this time of year for the mail buh-lows.

You know I am extremly happy with my 360 console. The PS3 or Wii will really have to bowl me over to win my support, and so far, I haven’t seen that. Meanwhile, I spend $10 to change my Xbox Theme and buy a picture pack. Call me lame.

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2 Responses to Saturday Musings

  1. kevinpars says:

    I would be very happy with my 360 if I could get one that works! I got about 4 months from my original console and 4 more from my first replacement, but my second replacement was a complete dud and lasted 2 weeks. I am wondering if the problem is the people working on the refurbs or the fact that the console is mailed out from Texas to my house in little more than a cardboard box. I know it isn’t me as I have never had a problem with a console before this one.


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    I can certainly empathize and relate to your frustration. I got one of the first Xbox 1’s off the line and it had the DDE of death error. I was thankful I didn’t have to pay for that.I am thankful I haven’t had issues with my 360, but you are the 4th person I know that has had to return your original console and 2nd that has had to return multiple consoles. That does indeed suck. I have had friends that have had issues with PS2s and Xbox 1s…never a GameCube issue, but that’s probably because no one plays them. 🙂


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