Sunday Circulars and stuff

Today’s paper says Toys R Us is now accepting preorders on the Wii and PlayStation 3. A $50 deposit is required. Why you’d buy a PS3, I don’t know (the 3 blu-ray movies perhaps?), but there you go. The circular says that has a preorder offer, but damned if I can find it. And yes, I’m hypocritical. Of course I’ll preorder, even if I am not a fan. Why? It’s called I get paid to review games :), and if you’re the only person with a PS3, you’re probably going to get the PS3 reviews…yes, I’m a capitalist.

In other news, both Best Buy and Target are promoting a TV game that I’m really curious about. It’s Golden Tee Golf! It comes with a trackball! It uses 4AA batteries and it’s on sale this week for $29.99. I may have to buy it…

Alright, time to update my fantasy rosters..


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5 Responses to Sunday Circulars and stuff

  1. serialmike says:

    there are 74 blu ray titles available to date. there is another 50 scheduled to release by xmas.93 hddvd are released with another 50 by xmas alsoim no fanboy of either format. i am certainly no fanboy of ps3.but facts are facts and misleading is misleading. sorry but there will be plenty of fun stuff to watch on your hddvd upgrade for your xbox and your ps3 bluray players on xmas vacation.and for some of us the low quality of dvd just wont do anymore


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    Yeah, and there were supposed to be how many Blu-Ray by the end of the year in early 2006? A lot more than 125. Kinda sounds like Fox News there. And just like with the Xbox 360, you can say there are 150 movies, but what are they? Sorry, Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift isn’t what I’m looking for.I think you’re taking way to much offense to my statement. I completely agree, HD is better than SD…but between an $800 TiVo and a $600 DVD player, that’s a bit insane.


  3. Glen says:

    They have some pictures of the gameplay for the Golden Tee TV game at Walmart’s site of all places. As for the PS3… meh. My DVD’s and HDTivo are plenty good for watching for the next few years.


  4. serialmike says:

    well i gotta say there are ALOT more hd player buyers out there than you think and alot of ps3 are going to goto people that dont play games at all. They are going to people who buy home theatre equipment and this is supposed to be a very good blu ray player at 400 dollars less than the cheapest a blu ray player lists for in the store now and up 800 dollars less than the most expensive one will be. i do believe that it was promised around 100 movies by xmas so they passed that mark. again im no supporter of blu ray or hd dvd or 360 or ps3. i just think that the 3 movie remark was not warrented. and just because star wars and lord of the rings arent available doesnt mean that all the movies stink.Actually my gues sis sonys biggest problem is that the unit will not have alot of games sold with them as more than you think they are being bought to lay movies


  5. Dan Clarke says:

    I still disagree with you. A high end AV buyer would NOT have a PS3 playing movies, regardless of resolution or anything like that. You wouldn’t go into Tweeter and ask for a PS3…I think that you’d probably go to Crutchfield and buy a HDDVD player over blu-ray anyway.The better movies are going to have to come out in the better formats to get people to buy them. Honestly I think HDDVD will win out. Just because it has HD in the title will make it better than blu ray. Blu Ray sounds like some sort of cosmic freak show.


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