Triple B!

Yes, another rare 3-B weekend. Bucks , Browns and Bengals (lose). I’ll take ’em when I can get ’em. The Browns, after firing inept OC Mo Carthon, actually appeared to have an offensive gameplan Sunday and scored 20 whole points. Laugh at that all you want, but if the Browns would have scored 20 points every game this year they could be as high as 6-1. It’s true. The Browns have given up more than 20 points and lost exactly once all year, when the Bengals beat them in week 2.

That’s how bad the Browns offense has been and how competitive they have been on defense. If you give up less than 20 a game, you shouldn’t be 2-5.

Oh, and on that call in the end zone? Sure it was a bad call and should have been scored a TD. Cry me a friggin’ river. The Browns caught a break for the first time since the Reagan administration. We were due.

I was dead wrong about the OSU/Minny game. It wasn’t close. At all. It was an old fashioned ass kicking, 44-0.

Oh, and in an ironic twist the Halloween party that was scheduled for Saturday–it was postponed and they had it last night. So I sold my tickets for no reason. Whee!

Next week is the Breeders’ Cup and I’ll be in Kentucky with my dad and my buddy Dave, with the OSU game set to TIVO. I hate doing that, but it’s the BC. When it’s at Churchill, I gotta be there. I’m still waiting for that great horse racing sim. I think if I ever want that I need to hire someone out to make our boardgame into PC form. Maybe one day.

Anyway, Neverwinter Nights 2 comes out tomorrow, which I plan on getting, and I have just started to mess with FoF 2007, which looks to be a significant upgrade. More on that later.

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  1. Liquidated says:

    By far, the most compelling aspect of NWN2 is that Elements of Black Isle studio are involved in a major way.Planescape: torment was hands down my favorite d&d related title. Black Isle Studio really took the rpg genre and twisted it into an extremely compelling story with characters that possessed real depth. If they are able to duplicate that sort of party dynamic, akin to the complex interplay between characters that existed in torment, I’ll be hooked.Been well able to drive the title from my mind the last few months bill, why must you remind me?Cheers!-Liq


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