Kerry: WTF

Well, thank you John Kerry! Apparently John said, hey Democrats could win the House and Senate, so we best not let that happen …how can I do my part? I know, I could insult all the troops fighting in Iraq and call them stupid. What a great idea!

Of course, the quote was stupid, but Republicans are eager to pounce on anything that they can and boy are they pouncing, at least according to CNN. I bet that it could work and the Republicans will win just based on that comment. Yes, that’s how stupid politics is, but seriously, Bill O’Reilly must be fully erect at this moment just dying to go on the air.

In other news, uhhhh…yeah what Bill said about “The Bigs”…OMG..let’s pull resources off our “A” baseball title that we overpaid for and instead use that team on an arcade game.

I’m sorry, it must be stupid day!


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3 Responses to Kerry: WTF

  1. Glen says:

    Good job John. Butcher a comment that was supposed to insult the administration and make it sound like if you don’t go to school you’ll be stuck in the military. It’s nice to see Bush up there waving that American flag saying, “See, I told you the Democrats hate the soldiers. Remember me? I was in the National Guard. I love the soldiers. Vote Republican… we love soldiers.”


  2. bill says:

    To Kerry’s credit, he is firing back with both barrels rather than sitting on his hands, being a slave to the news cycle. He misspoke and garbled a line, which was a careless thing to do. The current regime has botched an entire war…which is worse?I’m glad that Kerry is trying to stay on the offensive, as well he should, but I highly doubt this changes the minds of many swing voters.


  3. Neil says:

    I don’t understand why it’s big news when a politician says something dumb (and then insults our intelligence with excuses). We’re used to it from both sides. Kerry’s an elitist snob? Yeah, we knew that too. Republicans clinging to it like a drowning swimmer? Shocking.I am in favor of making Senate and House terms 4 years each just so we don’t have to go through this crap every 2 years. There are those who say that the frequent elections are good because they inspire civic participation and debate and all, but do you hear anyone talking about their plans for dealing with Iran, fixing current and future budget problems, etc. No, we get to debate lurid passages from some guy’s novel instead.


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