I am not stingy

This is why I take the bafoonery of the Browns in stride. The Buckeyes are playing for a title and the hoops team is ranked in the top 5. I cannot with a straight face complain about my other team.

Today I saw a very sad sight. Braylon Edwards shoving QB Charlie Frye…because Frye isn’t a very good QB. Edwards, at Michigan, had a reputation as a guy who was the best teammate – when things were going well. When they weren’t, well…

Things are not going well in Cleveland.

Today Bryalon snapped and went off on Frye, a kid who is doing the best that he can behind a porous Oline combined with his very average skills as an NFL QB. Players like Edwards are a dime a dozen in the NFL. He’s not the next Jerry Rice. He’s more likely the next Charles Rogers unless he starts catching the ball.

Edwards has rolled several teammates under the bus this year, including safety Brian Russell after his vicious hit on Chad Johnson early in the year. Bryalon Edwards: Teammate extraordinaire.

Here’s the real problem: Romeo Crennel let Edwards back on the field without saying a word after his unprofessional outburst. Crennel might be a great X and O defensive coach but he has offcially lost the team. He has to go. TOnight. Th efact that he didn’t at least show some emotion after Edwards verbally attacked his QB..then shoved him — if THAT didn’t get Crennel out of his shell, nothing will.

As a Browns fan, I kinda wish they had stayed gone. My fertile memory of Brian Sipe, the Pruitts, Bernie Kosar, Byner, Mack, The old Dawg Pound before it was turned into a marketing tool — that is the Browns I choose to remember. I have no idea who those dudes are in the orange helmets today. Certainly not the team that left Cleveland back in ’95.

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3 Responses to I am not stingy

  1. srudoff says:

    OSU will have the #1 teams in both Hoops and Football after all the teams lost in front of them this week.


  2. mjb2123 says:

    Pitt didn’t lose in college hoops so they’ll likely grab the #1 spot in the AP. I suspect OSU will grab the other #1 spot in the ESPN/USA today poll.


  3. kevinpars says:

    The Browns need to be more like the Bengals and only draft “character” players. 🙂


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