Monday Musings

1. If you didn’t watch How I Met Your Mother last week, you have to see this parody video by “Robin Sparkles” called “Let’s Go To The Mall”…nice Tiffany/Debbie Gibson memories there. Now if she’d only do a nude pictorial like Tiff and Deb.. heh..

Nice to see the Pats win one despite the referees trying to let Chicago win. That first pass interference call was horseshit.

Last night I had chip n dip while watching the Pats game…I guess it didn’t go down too well as I had it come back up around 1am. That’s always pleasant. However, after that vomit episode, I felt a zillion times better. Aren’t you glad you know that.

I did my first and last attempt to get a Wii on eBay. They were selling Zelda and the console and it went for $410. I bid it up to $405..but even then I was hoping someone would out bid me. A $110 premium is just too much for it at this point. I have enough games, ya know? Yes I want to play it but I can wait.

In the meantime, I have been using the FF wheel and wireless headset on my 360. Now that is fun. I need to get NFS Carbon soon for the 360 as it supports FF as well….

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1 Response to Monday Musings

  1. Glen says:

    From what I’ve heard Circuit City and Best Buy stores should probably have Wii’s in stock again next Sunday. Most stores are holding them for their ads, but you could see some during the week. After all, Best Buy had PS3’s last Wednesday out of the blue.


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