Huge, but….

Tonight’s game between OSU and North Carolina will go a long way in finding out if the OSU team can handle a tough crowd, and the notion of being ranked #1.

That’s it.

I expect OSU to lose tonight.

The Bucks are a strong team, vastly overrated at #1, and missing Greg Oden. Oden’s absense makes this whole thing seem a bit weird. The OSU team that takes the floor tonight will not mirror the team that takes the floor in January when Oden returns. (Some are saying he’ll be back in December, but who knows). When you remove an athletic 7’1 dominator like Oden from the lineup…it’s hard to really get a feel for how good OSU will be until he’s back. Even though OSU has rolled its early cakewalk opponents, every Buckeye fan (that I talk to) understands that we’re a team in waiting. The new Freshmen are playing lights out (Cook and Conley are scary good), but tonight when the 6’9 NC center has his way with Matt Terwilliger, I’ll be thinking: Oden.

I hope for a win; I expect a hard-fought loss.

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