Big news from the under 8 front

If you have children under 8, you have at one point or another, watched the Wiggles or gone to a concert or both. That’s why you’ll probably know the shocking news today out of Australia: Greg, aka the Yellow Wiggle (the lead singer) has retired from the band due to health reasons.

It’s a bit of a shock. I mean, I had to listen to their music over the past 3-5 years more than I listen to my music, so I’m probably more affected. At least he wasn’t dating Yoko.

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1 Response to Big news from the under 8 front

  1. Glen says:

    My wife and I were talking about this last night. It sounds like he has a very serious ailment and it’s sad to see him have to retire because of it. My daughter is almost 2 and is just now getting into the Wiggles and it’ll be interesting to see when she notices that Greg isn’t part of the group anymore. I’ll just tell her he went to Wiggle heaven, or he got the clap. It’s called good parenting.


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