Ashley’s Game Haul

Ash got a lot of cool loot this year, but here’s a quick rundown of her new games:

  • Cranium Hullabaloo – Will make for a great, great kid party game (think Twister, but a bit better for kids). We had some kids over yesterday and this was a huge hit.
  • Stare! Jr Edition – A cool memory game where you have to stare at a picture for 30 secs and then answer questions about it.
  • Chicken Cha Cha Cha – Another cool memory game from those crazy Germans– another huge hit so far.
  • What’s GNU – A three letter spelling game, which she (shockingly) likes.
  • Gobblet! – This was bought for Ashley but it’s a bit old for her…Mary and I like it a lot, though.
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4 Responses to Ashley’s Game Haul

  1. Glen says:

    Bill,When did you start getting Ashley into board gaming? My daughter is only 2, but I’d love to do some board games with her when she can start paying attention to them.


  2. bill abner says:

    I started the basic candyland stuff around age 3 along with simple memory/matching games.Age 4 is a good time to start, I think. Once a kid can talk, identify numbers, colors, and shapes — game on. :)At Age 4, maker sure you get Gulo Gulo. It’s a great game w/o reading.


  3. Glen says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll write those down. Right now the only gaming she’s interested in is the Wii. She keeps picking up the remote and says, “Daddy bowling?” There isn’t anything cuter than that in my world.


  4. Jonah Falcon says:

    What’s GNU is going to train kids to play Scrabble.


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