Quick Update

A few quick maintenance tidbits:

I removed the Amazon link and photo to the Gamer’s Tome. The book has run its course, and I want to thank everyone who ponied up and bought a copy. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it. I kept the link to the GWJ review because I think it’s cool and it makes me happy.

I also added a Boardgamegeek.com script to the sidebar (below the Xbox gamertags) that lists the current board games I have been playing of late. The script auto-updates as long as I keep my BGG play list updated. Pretty cool.

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1 Response to Quick Update

  1. Dan says:

    Bill -Played my first game of marvel last night and it took a while. The rules are a bit convoluted, they make sense once you get in and start playing. I had read the rules few times and even played a turn solo to try and master it before turning it on the group but I still wasn’t prepared :)Anyway after the session i went back through the rules abnd made notes and put togetrher a cheat sheet of important rules if you want it send me an email.


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