Happy Happy Joy Joy

I feel bad for the suckers that paid 800 points for Toe Jam and Earl when it’s on GameTap, and if you’ve already paid for your annual membership you don’t have to pay anything for it.

The new mini-Golf game on their, made by Sierra, is very good. It’s not the 3D Ultra Mini Golf of yore. They also added one of my favorite games, Astro Chase. Fun times.

If you don’t have GameTap yet, you really need it. You’re saying, Dan, I have MAME why do I need GameTap. Well GameTap has leaderboards and you can challenge people online. And they have games from Atari 2600 all the way to the PC — Prince of Persia and Sam and Max.

It’s very cool and if you have any interest in gaming, I highly recommend this service. It is so worth it.

Anyway, I started working on my next batch of Wii reviews. Trauma Center Second Opinion has been taking up a lot of my time…it’s rather interesting..I mean it’s not going to make me into a doctor. However, using a defibrillator can be so much fun! I’m working on that and Elebits right now.

In my spare time, I have to say I’m having a tough time using the 360 wheel with NFS Carbon. I can easily win races with the standard controller, but when it comes to the wheel , I suck. Any tips?

Also downloading all the PS3 demos and the PSP holiday pack for something to do. LOL.

Finally I started playing Blitz the League. I was hoping to do a review on that but time marches on. Basically it feels like the original Xbox game with not much changed. I know the developers will swear to me there’s no cheat/catch up code but I can’t seem to shake that feeling. It is downright amazing how you can miss extra points or fumble just at the right moment which allows the computer to score. I don’t feel beat as I do in Madden , instead I just feel jobbed.

Still playing lots of Resistance : Fall of Man. Feel free to post your PS3 gamertag or whatever the hell they call it on that system.

Just realized Netflix lets you rent blu ray DVDs as part of your subscription. Guess I’ll try some of those with the PS3….


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