Next Up: Politics

Two things to complain about today:

First the execution of Saddam. A quick seach of Google video and you can see the entire hanging, if you like that sort of thing. I’m not really complaining about the execution, I’m complaining because there are a lot of people just like him, and yet we don’t go and start a war and kill them. You know, like the guy who was behind 9/11, for example.

Even the defense attorneys admitted Saddam’s guilt. So to recap that’s USA 1, Iraq 2,400. Wow, that was worth fighting for. Not. And what’s even worse — and I’m not defending the guy here — but he could get everything done in Iraq..I mean did we hear about all the problems and car bombs while he was in power? Maybe there were and I just didn’t hear about it. It could be — that’s what happens when the press is repressed. However, doesn’t everyone agree that the situation is a billion times more volatile now than it was in 2002?

Second, the funeral for President Ford. Apparently a new tradition, since Nixon died, the current President closes all “non-essential” government offices on the day of the funeral. Of course, the Post Office apparently counts as non-essential because who needs mail, right? Enjoy your extra long New Year’s Weekend!

In all serious, I don’t disagree with the idea for a day of mourning, but I thought that’s what President’s Day was for, wasn’t it? Also, how come only the government can mourn? Why isn’t it a national holiday? Why doesn’t the President close everything as a day of mourning? Schools, local government, etc? The Federal Reserve Board of Governors are closed but Banks remain open? At least money is essential. LOL. Just forget regular mail. I’m not trying to demean the death of a President here, just the way this stuff is handled. Thoughts? I know you have them..


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4 Responses to Next Up: Politics

  1. Craig Tompkins says:

    You know the part that really gets me? The USPS is not a federal agency any more. It’s officially “a semi-independent federal agency, mandated to be revenue-neutral”. That means they get the benifits of being a federal agency without all the problems of being a federal agency. Oh yea, and why have they averaged over 1 Billion in profit each of the last 5 years if they are suppose to be “revenue-neutral”?


  2. Wadman says:

    Just think, those of us in Colorado have had mail I think twice since Christmas with all the snow. Now, we have to wait until Wednesday when the before we can get it again!As for the banks, it’s against FDIC rules to close a bank 4 consecutive days. (Banks would close during the depression for weeks to earn enough interest to pay customers.) With New Year’s Monday after the weekend, I guess they didn’t have a choice to be open.


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    You are correct about the rules; however banks did not close when Nixon and Reagan died either.


  4. Craig Tompkins says:

    And both Dan and my banks are open on Saturday, so if they closed on Tuesday, it would still only be 3 days.


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