GameSpot Q&A on VC Football

Greg Thomas does the Q&A thing with GameSpot. Not a whole lot of anything in here, but it is APF2K8 related.

Q&A quote on exclusive licenses: “We think that everybody should be allowed to make a game… and we think that ultimately is going to make better games. I think that [the NBA’s multiple license approach] has really shown that’s the way to go. And I think that what happened with the NFL and MLB is unfortunate.

Yeah, if only someone didn’t do that MLB license…..Yes I know, if they didn’t, EA would have, and it makes sense business wise. But business wise it also is the equivalent of getting the exclusive to PGA Bowling: no one buys the baseball game. They buy the football game.

Anyway, without screens or details but a release date of summer 2007, something smells. We are 5-6 months away from release so they better know what the game has for features…

Now I’m nervous…anyway click linky here.

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4 Responses to GameSpot Q&A on VC Football

  1. bill abner says:

    Nervous why? There could be umpteen reasons why they didn’t release all of that info in their presser. Has EA released its feature set for Madden yet? What’s the difference?


  2. Glen says:

    I guess my main concern about the lack of info is the fact that they’ve been out of the game for 3 years. I think we just want to see where the game engine is. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now though. As long as they beat Madden to the market, they’ll do just fine.


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    We all know what Madden will have:TruPlayer (R) (TM) (C) system allowing a player to enjoy the game as never before in a Madden game!Didn’t you hear about it?


  4. Lord Flatus says:

    Heck, if they put 2k5 with fictional cities and players who had user-editable names onto the 360 with the on-line leagues and tourneys, it would be great!


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