MLB 2K7 One game in

I picked the Orioles to play Tampa Bay. I lost 6-3, which is reasonable. I would have won had I been able to handle baserunning better. What I don’t understand is High Heat made everything easy and all the other games just do what they can to make it worse. Mark Dickenson where are you these days?

The animations seem pretty jerky to me, the pitching specificially does not seem much better than last year. The players do look right and the O’s Chad Bradford does throw submarine style. I find pitching fun, hitting very difficult and fielding terrible. You just have no time to react in the infield — by the time the ball is at shortstop, you will have already committed one way or the other. I see a lot of “hits” that should have been fielded..I’m not sure if I will adapt or it’s just broken.

Play by play is great, the extra touches are awesome in the game but no active scoreboards — it’s just plain stupid to see a static out of town scoreboard at Camden Yards that shows Boston @ Baltimore. I mean seriously, if you’re going to make it static, don’t show Baltimore on it. Idiots!

After one game, I can say that I don’t hate it, but it’s definitely not High Heat. One game can tell me it’s still not the holy grail. I’m not horribly disappointed yet, so how’s that for a Simon Cowell-esque ringing endorsement?

IGN gave it a 7, so it either really sucks (ie F) or they are idiots (and the game is an A)…..they ream the rosters pretty hard, but see that’s not a problem becuase 1) you can move FA’s over to the right team and 2) you can use a player editor. Rosters are not going to be right in February.

I’m going to play with it a little more over the next few days (Bill has the review I’m told so this is on my off time) and if I still feel this way, I think we should do a small league.

I have MLB 2K5 for the Xbox in front of me and I was comparing and contrasting. Lots of “new” stuff that was in 2K5, like first person baserunning.

It feels to me like I’ll be playing this more than last years…I mean last year I hated it from game 1….so there’s a start…

PS Is anyone else getting the “Gay friendly autos” ad? I know that they take ads based on what the blog says, but I’m not sure what that came up for. Let me try something. Sex. Sex. Porn. Hot love. Toys. Ohh baby. Faster. Wonder what ad will come up now!

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2 Responses to MLB 2K7 One game in

  1. Jonah Falcon says:

    Do they actually have beta testers on interfaces? I swear, who approves this kind of shit?Get this: to change the lineup before a game, you have to press X to change a player, Y to swap positions. Press A — oh, so sorry, GAME BEGIN!What kind of batshit crazy idiocy is that? Most baseball games, you know, just use the A to swap players and START to begin the game. You know why? It’s easy, and it works.I’ve seen some great AI, and some confoundingly bad AI. For one, an infield hit… the SS holds the ball. Runner rounds third, heads for home. SS holds the ball. Score.I’m also sick of the fielders standing still on a ground ball. Just watch it. So many bleeders get through because none of the fielders actually attempt to field the ball. And God forbid your SS be required to charge a ball.OFers are the same but less so. Do developers understand that humans need time to react to a play?The roster AI is even worse. God forbid you let the AI do anything – and if you don’t turn it on, you have to manage. every. single. tiny. injury. One day injury – you have to resub the starter a day later. On. every. lineup. (vs. L, vs. L w/o DH, vs. R, vs. R w/o DH.) The trade AI isn’t much better. I’d love to know how Johan Santana ended up on the Red Sox, for one. But, the league information screen is so pitiful, why bother? You can’t even examine box scores of your team’s simmed games. Oh, and A-Rod has 58 HRs… in July.It’s too bad this game is so broken, because most of the game is very compelling. The pitcher/batter interface is perfect. The “payoff pitch” is great. There’s so much good that features a bunch of potentially gamebreaking features. Too bad this game is an early beta for 2K8, even admitted by the developers and Ben Brinkman.Note to Ben: get real beta testers like they used to. Gamers who are not in-house, like they used to over 10 years ago. But, those pesky testers may not tell you what you WANT to hear.Just know this: a game isn’t ready if it’s bug-free.


  2. Joel Hulsey says:

    I agree with Jonah. This game gets so many thigns right, that the things wrong just stand out like crazy.When I get a sports game, the first thing I do is have the cpu play both sides to check the AI a bit. It didn’t take long to see the nonsense. Opening day at Yankee stadium, Wang pitching. Had a rough opening inning, but it’s the top of the second and down 3-2. 2 outs and someone hits a 2-out double. No biggie right? Torre yanks him. WTF? I saw this repeated in every game I simmed. Starters never made it to inning 4. By game 5, all my relievers had endurance of about 25% from overuse. Game 5!Changing the lineup is just insane. Whoever designed that should be fired.Grounders are pure luck. More times than not it will get through because I couldn’t react fast enough after the camera switch.To say there are too many HR’s in the game is an understatement. The Yankees after 7 games are averaging 16 runs a game. Opponents 21 runs! That seem off to anyone else?Once again, we are taken to the threshold of greatness only to see the whole shebang thrown away for stupid crap that could have been fixed so easily.


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