So, my wife and I made the journey to the hospital today as she hadn’t felt any movement from our, soon to be born, child in the last few days. While we were there she starts having contractions that were about 5 minutes apart, but they felt that she wasn’t ready to go into full blown labor (just under 35 weeks,) so they gave her a nice drug to stop the contractions and we got to come back home.

Dan, the model of compassion says, “Good. So you can pick up MLB then.”

How can you not love that guy?

All kidding aside though, things seem ok at the moment, but if I disappear for a day or so… now you’ll know why. Of course, for the birth of our first child I had photos online on our website within about and hour or so, and some emails sent out in the first hour.

Oh, yeah. I’m a geek for life. If I have my way, the kids will be too.

One last thing, my wife had a dream the other day that we were having a boy and that he’ll grow up to play defense for the Islanders. I was just happy that he wasn’t a goalie… man I’d be broke for sure then.

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