MLB TV issues and TV Reminder

Well I went to go watch my first spring training game, despite not getting the auto renewal email — I’m getting nothing but a 500 server error, and now it looks like there is no TV coverage. Wow, really getting my $119.95 worth! No biggie, I just want it to work starting tomorrow because that’s the O’s Marlins game.

I am contractually obligated to remind everyone that there’s a new Friday Night Lights on tonight. The ratings took a bath last week with American Idol — I realize it’s the girls night tonight, and the guys were made to sound better than they were (I think someone said to the judges you better be easy on them or else no one will watch on Tuesdays!), but seriously Friday Night Lights is much better. It’s dedication week on Idol, and I want to hear a lady dedicate I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd to their mom and dad for all the support they gave them or something.

And for the record from the emails, yes, I did say that right to Glen after he told me what happened at the hospital, but it was taken by him the way it was intended. Some of you really think I’m an uncaring ass. Settle down guys, Bin Laden didn’t do it and stuff. (And that’s an old newsgroup reference there, use google groups and see what I’m referring to).

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1 Response to MLB TV issues and TV Reminder

  1. Glen says:

    Come on people, do you really think I would have posted something like that about Dan if I didn’t know it was meant to be a joke? The man has kids of his own that he neglects just like I do in order to play more games. Just wanted you to know we’re still on the same page. Also, I haven’t read anything from the ol’ newsgroup in about 5 years. That thread is priceless Dan. Thanks for the laugh.


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