Baseball games in Japan

Baseball games in Japan range from the “big head” type of games to the realistic sim type games that we have here.

Gametrailers has posted a couple videos from a new PS3 baseball game by Konami called Pro Baseball Spirits 4. Here’s one of them.

The game seems to have the same camera angle of the MLB games, but I think it looks pretty impressive.

I’ve always found it funny that Konami will make baseball games for the PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 in Japan, but won’t bother trying to license their engine to make the games here. Would anyone that’s played them before care to share their comments on the quality of the games?

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5 Responses to Baseball games in Japan

  1. kennytomson says:

    there’s no ‘region locks’ with the ps3 right? so you buy ebay and play correct?


  2. Glen says:

    Yeah, I guess I could do that. I was just curious as to if any readers have looked at the games in the past.


  3. Leery says:

    Holy smokes … hell yeah that looks impressive. Wow. I feel like I’m slummin’ with “The Show” for my PS2 now.Geez, that looks nice.


  4. Glen says:

    I’m really thinking about doing the import thing on this one. There is a local shop that does some importing here. I’ll have to see if they’re planning on getting a copy of this, otherwise I can always hit Play Asia or NCSX for a copy.


  5. Tanis says:

    Wow, the animation is damn impressive. Some of the best I’ve seen for a sports game actually.


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