Why you should read the comments

Glen, aka TV’s Uncle Jerry, let me know of a comment from “Chris” who, based on the reponse, I assume works for Sony. (Good thing Glen is here, I’d miss the comment myself! Sorry, Chris) The discussion was about MLB 07 : The Show for PS3.

I guess it would be easier for you if I just told you…and your readers. 🙂 Things are going well. We are still working hard on the game. We are getting very close. Personally, I think that anyone that has enjoyed our PS2 or PSP game will greatly enjoy our PS3 version as well.

Thank you Chris for that information. I think we can infer from that the game was delayed because it is still being worked on; something must have happened because it’s very rare that Sony puts out an email with a release date (down to an actual calendar day) and pushes it back.

Hopefully the trades will be fixed in the PS3 version and the same league functionality will be there as there is on the PS2. This could be the holy grail of baseball games (feel free to use that quote, Chris). Of course, I am still a bit nervous. I’d much rather it be delayed — even a year– and released as a great game rather than say NBA Live 07. :).

Keep us in the loop and let us know when it’s gold. And feel free to send a pre-release copy my way. I don’t ask for much.


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2 Responses to Why you should read the comments

  1. Glen says:

    And I don’t think it’s out of line for me to ask for a retail copy… just because I’m “Glen, fellow reader and blogger.”heh.


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    No, you’re TV’s Uncle Jerry now.


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