Friday News

Well, I just received my allotment of Portland Sea Dogs tickets. Always a good time to see them, even if they aren’t the Orioles farm team.

In other news, as TV’s Uncle Jerry mentioned, the MLB demo is out on the PS3. Apparently Thursday is now officially PS Store update day, so that’s nice. I really wish it was a demo for MLB The Show but whatever. Thankfully the download was very fast. Didn’t even take an hour for almost 1GB.

Trying to get the Shivering Isles update was another story. XBLM must be mauled with the release of the GTA IV trailer or something becuase this time it sat a 1% for a very long time. Then it said it was complete. So I deleted it and re-downloaded, as I’m skeptical that it was done.

I’m off this weekend so I have to catch up on my reviews. Yay!


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