Saturday musings

1. How is it that I have 2 unopened Gamefly games, 3 or 4 new Wii and 360 titles to play and the only game that I’m interested in playing is Puzzle Quest for the DS. This game is crazy addictive, kids. Best puzzle game I’ve played in years.

2. Final Four thoughts – I won’t talk about the OSU game as that’s Bill’s game to comment on first. I have a question to ask him about the game and OSU as a team, but I’d rather hear his thoughts before I mention them.

As for Florida/UCLA, man… Florida is a great team. Tons of hustle and great outside shooting. They’ll be a really tough match up for OSU in the finals.

3. Stranger than Fiction is a terrific film. I had a chance to get it via Netflix rental on Blu Ray and I don’t see how more people didn’t pay to see this movie while it was in theaters. Will Ferrell was absolutely fantastic. He really shows some great range and I’ll definitely be seeing his next dramatic film… probably the silly ice skating one as well.

4. Edit: CC has pulled Guitar Hero for the 360 until Tuesday. They are giving 1600 points with it though. The game manual mentions a pedal addon for the game eventually as well. It’ll be interesting to see how they integrate that later on. I’m still holding off for a wireless version of the controller for the 360 before I bite on that one though.

5. Um… thanks Dan. I can’t get the image of TV’s Uncle Jerry out of my head now. Or the voice. JERRY!!!!

6. I hate that we have to wait another week for the NCAA Frozen Four. Damn basketball getting priority… grrrrr.

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