You’ve never seen it all in baseball

Of course as you know even though the past week has bummed me out as an Orioles fan, I still continue to watch on

Tonight was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m counting Jeff-f’n-Meier. The Orioles got a run three innings after they scored it. It was absolutely, positively the right call, as the original call was blown big time, but I’ve never seen them go back and say in the sixth inning, oops they scored a run in the third, so fix that. Our bad!

But it happened tonight!

Cleveland is crying about it, but if they didn’t score that run, it’s a clear violation of the rules. I mean there is zero doubt the run should have counted. It’s not a “his foot was on home plate just as the ball got to first” — it was more of a “the guy on 3rd was already in the clubhouse when the out at 1st was made” sort of thing…..

Wacky stuff!


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