360 Elite Impressions

Basically the general response has been “Dan, you’re an idiot”..but seriously, if you’re going to buy the 120 GB Hard drive..the difference between getting the 120 hard drive or the elite with a trade in at EB is $50. Might as well go all out if you’re already going to drop $180, right?

Anyway here are some thoughts:
1. I thought the power brick, A/V cables and ethernet would also be black. They are the same color as the original 360 (gray). Bummer.
2. The controller is actually black on top and bottom, but on the side where you would connect the communicator, it is gray. Weird two tone action going on there.
3. HDMI video looks great. Better than component. i thought about getting VGA and seeing if there’s any difference there.
4. New to the package (in addition to the HDMI cable) is a castrated A/V cable which allows you to connect audio to your receiver if your TV can’t do audio out. If you do have an audio out on your TV, the HDMI cable works just fine (HDMI is already great as that’s two less cables you have to worry about).
5. The HD transfer was painless, despite getting a message that files were corrupted and deleted. It seems like it restored all the old demos I deleted. Whatever.
6. My 360 Elite came with a Toshiba DVD drive, not the BenQ quiet drive that others have mentioned. I will say that it still does seem quieter. It doesn’t feel as hot as the other one either. Maybe I’m just making shit up, I don’t know…just giving impressions.
7. The black color is very nice on the console itself.
8. Overall, like I said, if you’re going to get the drive, you might as well get the Elite. Yes there are transfer issues and so forth, but what Microsoft hasn’t said is that if you’re on your 4th/5th console already (like me) you already have that problem, so it’s not really a big deal.


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