Sunday thoughts

So, I’ve spent a bit more time working on translating part of the PYS4 and have made some headway now that I’ve found a nice Kanji translation site. The problem is that each symbol will take me as much as 5 minutes. The biggest issue of late is the fact that I have to just have the game on sitting at one screen while I’m looking up the radicals for each of the Kanji symbols, so my wife questions why I bought a game that I’m not even playing. It’s a fair question, but I’d rather spend the bit of extra time now and try and actually learn what some of the screens mean rather than guessing at everything that is going on. Also, I know that I’ll be helping some other people that might pick up the game in the future.

The Brewers grabbed another win today and have opened up a 3.5 game lead in the Central. The thing to note today was the fact that this was the first time since Minute Maid Park opened in Houston that the Brewers won a series there. It’s been a sensational April for the Brewers and they’re doing it all without Sheets. Oh, and ask any Texas Rangers fan if they’re happy that they traded Francisco Cordero to the Brewers as part of the Carlos Lee deal last year. He’s only got 10 saves and a 0.00 ERA this year. I can live with that.

As for the draft, I’m officially tired of most of the Packers sportswriters. The Packers drafted two players from Virginia Tech and half of their conference calls were dedicated to the shootings there two weeks ago. Where were you? Did you know anyone there? How do you think the shootings will shape your life?

I understand that the whole event was a tragedy but are these the people to be asking about it? I hope that after the initial stories are done being written they can drop that angle on these players because I’m sure they’d like to just play football and not have to answer any more questions about it.

I think the Packers had a decent draft, filling a few needs, but as with any draft, it’s a wait and see business. There will always be people that say that they shouldn’t have picked this person and they should have picked that person instead. Oh and Peter King thinks their first round pick wasn’t a good one, but he thought that the Packers should have made Mike Tice their head coach after he was fired by the Vikings… so you know how smart Peter King is.

As Bill said before… I’m sick of the draft now. Back to gaming…

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2 Responses to Sunday thoughts

  1. bill abner says:

    I’m not so much sick of the draft as I am the fact that Troy Smith now plays in Baltimore. That upsets me a great deal.


  2. Red says:

    I bought PYS4 on friday. Looking forward to it sometime later this week. Just in time for finals next week.


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