While I really like what the Browns have done, the 2007 Draft has made me physically ill. Seriously — queasy.

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6 Responses to Ugh.

  1. Dan Clarke says:

    Enjoy Brady Quinn for those 23 draft picks. Just to recap, Pats get 3 quality WR’s. You get a mediocore QB. Enjoy! Carson who?


  2. bill abner says:

    I actually thought the Quinn deal was great.


  3. Dan Clarke says:

    I think the Browns gave up too much to get him. No doubt he is a quality QB…but that was a lot of picks to move up very little.


  4. bill abner says:

    Very little? They moved up like 14 spots or damn near half a round. If Quinn pans out like a top 5 QB this is a GREAT trade (for both teams). If not, if he’s another Rick Mirer it’s a bad one. Plain and simple. The cost doesn’t matter. Cleveland was taking a QB at some point, probably with a #1 next year and now they have to pay their guy #22 $$ and not #3 money. That’s a HUGE deal. The Browns got (potentially) a franchise LT, franchise QB and a lockdown top 10 talent CB with their 3 picks. It’s VERY hard to complain about that and is, on paper and at this stage, the best “hot off the press” job the Browns have done in the draft since ’99. I always come away from the draft, as far as the Browns go, upset, confused and empathetic. This was different.


  5. Dan Clarke says:

    Sorry, for some reason I thought they had two first rounders. My bad…


  6. Glen says:

    I thought the Quinn deal was a sensational one. You’re trading away a bit of your future, but man… you get a great QB who is certain to be motivated due to his slippage.


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