UFO — Game Overload

Well, my take on UFO: ET is live today. Not a horrid game but when they said they wanted to remake X-COM I never dreamed they’d literally remake a decade and a half old game.

We also have a look at the next Brothers in Arms game on the 360. World War II will no doubt go on forever…

Anyway back to my lost weekend in North Carolina. When I said we listened to music, ate bad food, drank untold amounts of alcohol and played games…that’s pretty much what I meant.

I have no idea what is or is not in Raleigh, NC outside of a grocery called Harry Teeter or something like that, a campus pub that serves deep fried pickles (that was a first for me) and a Bob Evans restaurant just outside of town.

During our stay (there was 5 or 6 of us depending on when one buddy could escape his house)from late Thursday night (we came in around 12:30 AM) to Monday morning, we played:

Gloom (I lost; neat card game though)
Settlers of Catan (twice) (I split)
Marvel Heroes (I tied as the X-Men with the F4)
Railroad Tycoon (I won. With my wife at home in Johnstown I actually have a chance to win this)
PitchCar (I lost…horribly.)
Citadels (I lost; this is a great game though)
Arkham Horror (a 6 hour marathon game..but we beat back Cthulhu)
Monster Mayhem (a criminally bad horror game and I have no idea who won. I think we just quit)
HeroScape (Team game and we lost…bad. Not a huge fan of this. It’s a real money sink.)
Guillotine (I came in 2nd…which I guess is still losing)

That’s a lot of gaming in a few days. But it was a great way to spend a weekend.

Of course I get back and play ball in my Tuesday night league and take a jumper and land on someone’s foot–popping my ankle again. It’s swelled a bit, my ankle boot is back on and I’m taking it in srtide. It’s my yearly 2-3 week Injured Reserve time.

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3 Responses to UFO — Game Overload

  1. Dan says:

    Bill,Who do you most compare yourself with Kerry Wood or Mark Prior? 🙂


  2. Dan London says:

    Harris Teeter.or the “hairy teet” as the locals have dubbed it.


  3. BJ says:

    Hey – since you’re into UFOs, have you seen this Roswell video?www.flownetworkproductions.com/evidenceofaliens.htm I thought it was fake until I watched Part 2. What do you think?


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