O’s Notes

I won’t say I’m giddy, but the way the Orioles are playing of late, I can live with that, Chris Ray being the exception though.

I think O’s fans just want a decent product this year. We know the Red Sox are going to run away with it. I just want to be respectable.

I don’t know if the Interim Manager will still be manager in a month, but the new GM there made a smart move by giving him some time to see what happens.

And perhaps we’re seeing the Simmons “Ewing Theory” with Tejada on the DL…either way, maybe this is the start of something good. Or really shitty, I don’t know. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

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3 Responses to O’s Notes

  1. Craigsca says:

    Dan,Again, not to call you out, but McPhail ISN’T the GM. Flanagan still has that role.


  2. Dan Clarke says:

    Yes, I know on paper that’s how it looks. :). Seriously though, do you really think that’s how it is?


  3. Craigsca says:

    For the forseeable future, yes. In every interview McPhail is constantly saying he knows very little about the franchise and the day-to-day ops. This may change in the offseason, but for now the job is Flanagan’s.


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