Saturday night update

Nice to see how the Brewers hung 13 on the Cubs, one day after blowing a 2 run lead in the bottom of the 9th.

What was funny to me was listening to how Fox was selling the game before it began. “The battle for first in the NL Central.” Saying something like that would seem to indicate that first place could change hands today, when the Cubs were 6.5 back going into the game. I just found that entertaining.

– If you have a PS3, you really need to look at Super Stardust HD. It’s $8 and it’s a blast. I was thinking about as I was playing it today and comparing it to Geometry Wars isn’t really an accurate description. It’s more like Asteroids on crack. I’m up to 1700 on the leaderboard, and I’m about… oh, 200 million behind the person in first.

– Gamefly shipped out The Bigs for the Wii for me today… all that means is that I won’t be getting Ninja Gaiden for the PS3 next week. No huge loss there for me.

– Hockey early tomorrow morning. Time for me to get to bed.

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