Weekend Musings

1. Took the kids here today and had a nice time. Long day though.

2. Supposed to be going to the Portland Sea Dogs – NH Fisher Cats game tomorrow, still debating that one.

3. I didn’t pick up an iPhone yet, but I see you can still buy them online. I’d love to hear from anyone that bought it what you think of it.

4. I played a few games last night in the “jack of all games, master of none” department. The Super Stardust game does have it’s moments, and I do like the add on pack for Mad Tracks. I like the way they did the expansion too. Also, the Motorstorm Time Attack mode is very nice and worth the free download.

5. After hearing about my Big Brain review, I went out and re-rented it thinking I may have missed something. I didn’t. It still sucks and I stand by my grade. Seriously there’s more depth in Wario Ware.

6. Harry Potter shipped from my GameFly queue as well. I look forward to checking that out.

7. On Friday I decided to take the next week off for vacation, since everyone else is off that week it should be pretty dead at the office. I figure I’ll catch up on revivews and take the kids to see Ratatouille and do various other things. Now you know. lol.

8. Lots of webredesigns this week. First Xbox.com, today Cnn.com. I wonder if naughtynymphos.com will also have a redesign…

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