More rants

1. Let’s talk TV. Right now there are only a few “summer” shows I’m watching. I disconnected HBO because $14.95 a month is too much to pay for one show, so I’ll wait for the season of Entourage on DVD. Other shows I’m watching regularly are Rescue Me and Burn Notice. That’s about it. I did start to watch Damages, but I’m not sure if I will continue. The other show I’m giving a shot is Mad Men on AMC, written by a former Sopranos scribe. I love the idea of the show: ad execs in the early 60s…lots of sexual harassment, lots of smoking, ad guys trying to get a Lucky Strike campaign on TV going…but it sure seems like they have to make sure they are telling us it was a different time. I wonder, did that many people really smoke? Were all guys handsy with secretaries? It just seems like the “reality” this show provides is too much like the stereotypes I’ve read. However all that being said, teh show has potential. If anything the BBC like opening of the show is pretty cool.

When it comes to ‘reality’ gameshows, most suck. I do watch Are you Smarter than a 5th grader with the kids and I’ve been watching the two new music shows as well. I think I’m going to stop watching the Singing Bee, mainly becuase it’s terrible. Their “sort all the words in order as they are displayed on screen” to make the song line is just stupid; it reminds me of a scary version of the Electric Company. What’s worse is that even the “band” that has the teleprompter is singing the wrong words. In a contest where accuracy is extremely important, this just feels like it’s a $1.98 game show. On the other hand we have “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” which uses a “5th Grader” like prize tree and the contestant sings the song and has to come up with a missing line. They do stall for time almost too often but I do enjoy watching the show.

Bloggers have mentioned Psych and I keep meaning to watch that but I keep forgetting … one of these days I will!

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4 Responses to More rants

  1. dng says:

    Too bad you dumped HBO. Flight of the Conchords is brilliant.


  2. suburbanjoe says:

    Dude. Seriously. Watch Psych. I’m telling you, that the Burn Notice – Psych combo is killer. Killer!I’ve tried to watch that Singing Bee show but the contestants freak me out too much, not to mention that the dancers aren’t in step. And why do they need dancers? I’m convinced that if aliens were looking for a reason to dust our planet, and they caught an airing of this show, they’d have their reason.


  3. Sean says:

    I wasn’t sure about Glenn Close in “Damages,” but the previews for the rest of the season will have me watch the next episode. I really can’t wait for Nip/Tuck to come back.


  4. Dan says:

    Holy crap Dan and I actually like something similar! Burn Notice is an awesome show, clever and smart.I would reccomend checking out Eureka on Sci-Fi. Also one of my current favs.


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