NCAA Heisman Sliders

This is what I am using in my OSU Dynasty. Your mileage may vary because you have to keep in mind that in year 2, OSU is an A+/A+ team…pretty much loaded with high 80s and mid 90s rated players. Will these work with an average team? No idea. If you need to change anything to make it a bit easier, the first thing I’d lower is WR catching or raise your D AWR. Keep QB Acc at 100. They will still miss open guys, even at that high a number.

Offense (human first)
QB: 75/100
PB: 100/0
WR: 30/100
RB: 65/60
Block: 60/65

AWR: 0/0
KND: 100/50
INT: 0/0
BB: 50/50
TKL: 70/45

Special Teams:
Do what you can.

I think ST play in this game is total crap. Punts are never fair caught, kick coverage is slow (you will NEVER see a tackle inside the 20 on a kick) and field goals are too easy (I’d lower accuracy for both human and CPU). You can try fiddling with the punt strength, but the coverage sucks no matter what you do.

I also play on 7 minute quarters and get around 115 plays, which is on the light side, but I get games in quicker too.

Penalties are also kinda weak. Lower clipping. Otherwise you’ll see a clip on a HB Dive which is just five levels of dumb. Raise holding, facemask, O/D PI. I have them around 80. I may go higher w/ facemask. I have yet to see that called in over 20 games. I’d keep false start and offsides at 50.

So there you have it. I’m going to finish my Legend test that I am doing (fun feature, just not my thing) and try a Dynasty with a bad team to see how the sliders translate, then finally write my review.

Oh, before I forget: Thanks to Leebo for the CPU Pass Block at 0 idea. That was a huge, huge discovery that helps the CPU throw underneath and to the backs more often, lowering the INT rate as a result. I still have a hard time getting to the QB on Heisman with that setting, even with my fearsome foursome.

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16 Responses to NCAA Heisman Sliders

  1. srudoff says:

    punt higher and to one side, then get your gunner there as fast as possible. they’ll fair catch every time. what i hate is when i’m being punted to, two guys will be all over their gunner….until i catch the ball, then they leave him and head upfield. so it’s me and the gunner one on one and he doesn’t always fall for a juke


  2. bill abner says:

    That’s what I mean. I average about 20 yards per return. It’s just too easy, even on Heisman.


  3. Mike says:

    Bill… you are THE MAN!I just had a classic of a game with SJSU against Stanford. Basically, the play of the game was with Stanford on the 1, 4th down with a minute left. Ostrander (STAN QB) is hurried… and Assily (SJSU SS) jumps the route and picks it off. It allows me to win 29-25.Stanford QB: 14-19, 222 yards, 2 TD, 1 INTPretty accurate, the only INT was that play. For fun, my QB:12-16, 127 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTBoth were on bonehead plays where I tried to force it.This is the first time I’ve ever used Heisman, and I’m loving it. Thanks so much, Bill!


  4. bill abner says:

    Glad you likr em Mike.


  5. Leebo says:

    I can’t wait to try these. I was a little bummed when, after a series of good games, I picked off six passes half way through the 3rd last night as Arkansas vs. Nebraska in a random game. I only really *deserved* one as the CPU pretty much picked off the rest.Thanks for the mention on the blog. I’m glad if I could help in any way because I would really like a college game this year and don’t demand perfection…I could even live with 1 or 2 picks a game…just not 2 *every* game and 3-5 in a lot of games.


  6. Torsion says:

    The completion rates are still too high, in my opinion.14-19? 12-16?Maybe this is something that you end up having to live with…


  7. Mike says:

    torsion, I’m horrible at coverage in this game… but I’m good at dumping it off on short routes. I usually run a lot so I like to think it sets up the pass.


  8. Steve says:

    If your completion rates are too high, then you aren’t playing good coverage. I was going to suggest bringing the knockdowns down a little bit. I just play the MLB and can knockdown almost anything thrown in the middle of the field, and anything deep leaves me plenty of time to switch to a CB. Just drop back and keep your finger poised on the A button. But the gameplay is much more realistic with these, as a whole, and they make the game enjoyable.


  9. Jeff says:

    Hey Bill – not sure if you’ve logged enough games yet to make a determination or not, but…would you say that NCAA 08 with the latest slider tweaks is a better game than the last-gen version of NCAA 07?I’m just curious, because I totally agreed with your take on NCAA 07 XBOX last year, and since NCAA 08 on the XBOX is a real mess this year, I’m considering rejoining the 360 camp if NCAA 08 is worth the plunge.


  10. bill abner says:

    Tough question. Last year’s Xbox version was hard on the eyes, esp on my widescreen monitor, but it played a great, great game. Still, there are things on the new version which have never been in an NCAA to any real degree. Linebackers now make most of the tackles, defensive secondary awareness (post sliders) matters a lot. Play action works GREAT as do pump fakes. You get good YAC, too. But the 360 version also has a lot of crazy stuff, too. It’s very unpolished. Are you still playing the Xbox version a lot? And what’s wrong with this year’s Xbox game?


  11. Jeff says:

    This year’s last-gen version suffers from at least 3 major issues, imo. First, much like I’ve read about the 360 version, there are way too many interceptions by both the CPU and the human user. I’ve tried every conceivable slider combination with Heisman and AA difficulty to try to alleviate the problem (including trying maxing out WR catching, after reading here that it helped the 360 version issues), to no avail. It seems to be hard-coded into the game. The worst example of this I experienced was taking Colorado into Louisville on Heisman difficulty with sliders heavily maxed in favor of the CPU passing game and still picking Brohm’s pocket 5 times and sacking him 5 times. Zone coverage is far too effective against the CPU. I started slipping back into old NCAA 05 defensive playcalling habits – call a zone with at least one blitzing player, then sit back and eventually watch the CPU self destruct as they will either get sacked or throw the ball right to a defender.What’s been even worse than the interception issue is the lack of pursuit on running plays, especially outside runs. Oh, and you and the CPU can return kickoffs and punts for touchdowns at the rate of about 1 per game, because if you break one tackle, you’re as good as in the endzone. Here, making slider adjustments doesn’t help either, because if you decrease Run Block and Run Ablility sliders and increase defensive AWR, Break Blocks, and Tacking sliders, you will see runners get leveled in the backfield 10 straight plays, then run one to the outside that you take to the house, with defenders following you like a school of fish, never gaining a step on you. If you reduce RB Ability to 5 or zero to try to cut down the big play ability, that will fix the outside running problem. Of course, then you’ll average like 1-2 yards a carry with the likes of P.J. Hill against SMU’s vaunted front seven, but hey, at least you won’t bust any more big plays, right?The last major issue is that you can block extra points and FGs with relative ease. I’ve blocked at least one every game I’ve played (about 40-50 games), and have only had the CPU block one in that span. I guess that is necessary because field goals are pretty much automatic for the CPU unless you block one.Yeah, I still prefer NCAA 07. The only real gripe I’m still having with last year’s game (other than the lack of graphical pop) is the CPU tendency to just lay down and die in some games if you get momentum on your side. Maybe that’s why this year’s version is so turnover-happy – it keeps any one team from being able to absoultely lock down momentum in their favor for the entire game. Ah well – good points about the gameplay in the 360 version. I really wish I could give it a shot at a kiosk or something for myself before I grab it.


  12. bill abner says:

    Can you rent it?


  13. Jeff says:

    Heh – I’d love to give it a rent, but have been sans 360 for the past 6 months. 90% of my gaming time is spent on sports titles, and when I sold the 360 I was pretty burned out on the available catalog. The EA football games were just…blah, while the various 2k sports engines have just started to feel stale to me after HEAVY repeated playtime over the various generations. I’m really hoping they make some significant changes this year to make the next-gen engines stand out. So, with the new football titles out there, the RROD warranty extension and the upcoming price drop, I’m feeling that 360 ownership is once again becoming an inevitability for me. The icing on the cake would be a great NCAA football title. Who knows, maybe nest-gen NBA Live will finally be worthy of playing time this year too.


  14. Jared says:

    Bill, I tried using your sliders with Florida v. FIU, comparing them with default AA. Here are the results for the FIU quarterback:Your slidersFraites 26-32 (81%), 299 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 INTs, sacked 9 times. Default AAFraites 19-30 (63%), 286 yards, 3 touchdowns, 6 INTs, sacked 4 times. It definitely fixed the INT problem. But it also turned Fraites into a superhuman QB, only throwing incomplete passes when under severe pressure. It needs more testing, but I’m afraid that fixing the INT problem creates imbalance in the passing game, such that CPU QBs are too accurate when not throwing interceptinos.


  15. bill abner says:

    I’m sure a lot of it depends on the teams involved. The CPU usually completes anywhere from 60-68% of its passes against me, but a lot of those are dump offs. A common line is 23/35 for 200 yards. I’d rather have that than pick off 3-5 passes a game. I can’t get anywhere near 9 sacks. Do you jump the snap a lot? I also try to play to my defensive back’s strengths. My guys hate zone coverage so I spend a lot more time in Man to Man. I am also of the opinion that the player ratings suck in this game. There are *way* too many 85+ rated QBs and making them play REALLY bad is extremely hard to do without making them throw a ton of INTs. The game makes bad QBs bad by giving them low Awareness, which in turn makes them throw picks, when there should be a LOT more QBs with low accuracy. If it’s possible to have a CPU complete 50% of its passes while throwing 0-1 INTs..I have yet to find that setting. I’d love to, though.I wish there was a way to


  16. Jared says:

    Bill,I’ve never once touched the jump the snap. I found that since the FIU QB was tearing me up in zones and cover 2 man, the only option I had to stop them was to blitz often. Otherwise, the QB had too much time in the pocket and would pick me apart. Interestingly, if I blitzed with zone coverage, I’d get creamed. But the man coverage was good enough that the QB wouldn’t find anyone open by time my linebackers got in.I’m hoping that there’s some slider set that “works”…but I’m getting pessimistic.


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