Fox Football

Wow, now I remember why we switched from Fox. I couldn’t get in the draft room. Sorry folks.

I just got an email saying the draft was complete. Wow, the auto draft guy should pick for me more often.

So do we go with the automatic or do we kill the league?


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4 Responses to Fox Football

  1. Al says:

    My vote is for killing it. It doesn’t really feel like my team if I don’t have any say at all in drafting my own players. Besides, I have Terrell Owens on my team, that’s just not allowed to happen. 8^)


  2. Chris says:

    yup, I agree with Al, I won’t be checking on it.


  3. John says:

    Now it shows that the draft is saturday night @ 11…was this recently changed?


  4. Chris says:

    i’m still having the same issues even though when I tested the system it said it was successful…


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