TV Update

Since I haven’t written much, I guess I’ll make up for it over the weekend. First off let me go over with you my current TV schedule.

Monday – Chuck on NBC, How I Met Your Mother on CBS. I’m going to see if Big Bang Theory (CBS) is going to be okay. I watched one episode and I’ll give it another shot…it’s a maybe. I liked Chuck.  I didn’t like Journeyman.

Tuesday – Tough TV night — too much to watch: The Unit (CBS), House (Fox) and my sleeper pick is Reaper (CW). Still watching Damages on FX as well. Anyone know if/when this show ends? It’s very good but I hope it comes to a conclusion!

Wednesday – Back To You (Fox). It’s not OMG or new but I like the actors and the characters. Sue me.  Wednesday Nights aren’t big TV nights around here :). More like catch up on Tuesday’s shows. lol

Thursday – 30 Rock is awesome (NBC). We all watch Ugly Betty (ABC). The Office rules as well, but you already knew that. We like Don’t Forget The Lyrics (Fox) over The Singing Bee. Finally Mad Men is a pretty interesting show (AMC).

Friday – OMG OMG this Friday is the new Friday Night Lights episode. Probably only going to be watched by me and 3 other Nielsen families but I’m going to enjoy it. I’ll probably check out that Pushing Daisies show too since I kept earing about it.

So there you go. Discuss.

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5 Responses to TV Update

  1. Rand says:

    If that’s a typical week for you then you watch more in one week then I will in the next two months.


  2. Brandon says:

    That’s nothing. We record approx 2 hours a night, more like 4 on Thursday.

    I also can’t wait for FNL. Go Panthers!

    If you want a really good laugh, watch Moonlight. That show is beyond awful.


  3. Dan says:

    Oh and a quick correction: Pusing Daisies is actually on WEDNESDAY. ABC is repeating it on Friday — not sure if this is a regular thing or a one time thing. Sorry!


  4. Brandon says:

    One time thing. Wed night is the usual night, or so said Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Preview.


  5. Glen says:

    I can’t mock Dan for this. I probably watch about 1 to 2 hours of baseball/hockey/football on any given day. The only show I watch regularly is My Name is Earl.


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