Happy Halloween and the Home Theater Links

Happy Halloween everyone. Ashley won her school’s costume contest for “funniest” by going as Mac and Cheese. It’s a 100% custom made costume and I’ll post some pics soon. It’s unique to say the least.

The Home Theater goodies are on the way. I will be EATING mac and cheese for the next two months because of it, but hey…I’ll make that sacrifice. I like mac and cheese. The good people on the AVS forums helped me tremendously when it came to picking out the hardware.

We start with the Sony Bravia SXRD KDS-60A3000 60″ 1080p Rear Projection HDTV
I went with the Yamaha RX-V661BL Receiver
The Athena Bookshelf series of speakers with two stands and the center channel.  
The Velodyne VX-10 Subwoofer.

I think I’ll be getting the Omni center channel holder as well to place on top of the TV.  

With a new HT system you gotta get furniture, right?

The new Ent. Center (w/o the top hutch part)
The two-piece love/seat recliner.

I’m still debating on the Blu-Ray HD DVD thing. Not sure which one I will go with eventually. I’m also most likely going to get the DirecTV HD DVR and, sadly, saying goodbye to the Series 2 TIVO (sigh).

So obviously we’re really excited about all of this. This is going to be Christmas this year, but hey…Christmas is basically for Ashley more than it is us. We’re also “adopting a family” this year so Ashley can start to see what the season is really supposed to be about: helping others, kids in this case,  who don’t have the luxury of getting toys on Christmas morning.  My father had to deal with that when he was a kid, and he drove that lesson home to me years ago. So while I’m pumped about our new toys (really pumped) I always feel just as good when I can help someone out, even if it’s anonymously.

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4 Responses to Happy Halloween and the Home Theater Links

  1. MizzouRah says:

    You did great on the TV!

    I only buy Sony TV’s, period and this one has been on the top of my list for some time now. Maybe after Christmas. 😉

    Let me know how you like it.


  2. wadman says:

    Helping others anonymously is the best way. The recipient knows they are getting something with no strings attached. What a great gift at Christmas.


  3. Glen says:

    The Blu-Ray/HD DVD thing is a no win situation. I started with my PS3 and ended up with both due to the fact that there were movies that I wanted on both. The studios and consortium’s need to get over themselves enough to know that neither format will succeed unless everyone works together.


  4. Bill,

    How heavy is that TV?


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