Hump Day, Huh Huh Huh

1. Make sure you pick up the new Buccaneer table for the Live Arcade game Pinball FX. It’s available for the low low cost of zero and it’s a great table.

2. The new Mutant Storm game is a lot like the old Mutant Storm game.

3. I picked up Manhunt 2 yesterday….boy the graphics are not great. In the first minute, my character was pissed on by one guy, another guy threw his own shit at me, and then I killed someone by popping him with a syringe. Interestingly enough, I do not feel the need to do this today at work. Sorry, CBS! I will say this game is rated M for a reason and if anyone actually lets their kid play this game, DCYS should be called.

4. Virtua Fighter comes out for Xbox today. Yay!

5. Is anyone buying or has anyone bought Hellgate London? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

6. Since this is a sports blog, I will talk about sports games. I’ve been playing quite a bit of FIFA for the Wii, which I’m enjoying despite some of it’s shortcomings like piss poor MLS tables and asstastic commentary. The controls have won me over. Of course MLB Power Pros is still getting some attention as well. Right now the game I’m playing the most however is Guitar Hero 3 for the 360. My god the songs on Medium (right now I’m at the 7th level I think) are just insanely difficult. I was up until 3AM and I need to give my arm a break, I’m not suffering from GH-itis.

7. Okay, off to work. We had our trick or treating yesterday (our city does it on the 30th, I guess to beat the crowds or something), so it’s just a regular day for me.

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2 Responses to Hump Day, Huh Huh Huh

  1. granger44 says:

    I should pickup my preorder of Hellgate this evening and have played both the beta and the demo. Tonight, I’m hoping to play with a couple friends who also got the game since I was never able to find them for some true multiplayer action.

    Game wise, it’s very much a simple, action RPG which can be experienced in first person or third person depending on character class and tastes. Like Diablo you get a ton of item drops; unlike Diablo, you don’t have to wait until town to do something since you can dissassemble items into components which can in turn be used to upgrade items you do want. I’m waiting to see if the subscription will be worth it before I subscribe. However, it’s worth noting that each new build of the beta saw performance and content enhancements, which bodes well towards the promised new content.


  2. Neil says:

    I played the beta and thought it was OK. One of my best friends worked on the game, though, so I have to play it for a while. Hopefully, she will have a copy for me at the launch party in SF tonight.


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