Oops Pow Surprise

I don’t know why that popped into my head, but it’s one of my favorite moments from that show.

– Now it looks like PJ Hill won’t be playing in the OSU game. Bummer. I would have liked to have seen the Badgers go into the game with their best weapons, but I guess it’s time to find out what the freshmen can do in their biggest game of the year.

– I guess I’ve been in an internet coma for the last year or so, but I came across a story about how the original guys from MST3K are going to start doing their thing again at a new site called Cinematic Titanic. What I didn’t know was how much has happened since the show ended. Joel went off to do his own thing during the main run of the show and is now going to run the Cinematic Titanic thing. Mike who took over for Joel now does a site called Riff Trax where they record DVD style commentary tracks for big name movies.

The primary ‘villian’ (Trace Beaulieu, who was also the first voice for the robot, Crow) for the show is going to be at CT along with his first (Josh Weinstein, who was also the first Tom Servo) and second ‘evil sidekick.’

Over at Riff Trax, they have the second version of Crow, the second Tom Servo, and a few of the other writers along with Mike…

Oh, and they have another site called Film Crew Online, where they parody old movies again as well.

Now, over at MST3K.com they are going to be doing a flash based series with the robots… with some of the other writers.

It’s just amazing to see how many of the people for that show… all ended up doing the same sorts of things 10 years later.

– My laptop got fixed yesterday and as a result, I was able to play through the Crysis demo.

If you have the newest hardware your experience may differ, but to me, it played out like Metal Gear Solid as an FPS. Your suit can be changed at any time to fill different roles. You have this stealthy camo that allows you to become invisible to all soldiers… except for the ones that are on boats, as they seem to be able to see you no matter what you’re wearing and can shoot you without any problems. You also have a strength suit that allows you to jump much higher, and you can also throw things that you pick up much further. There is also a setting on your suit that will let you run very fast as well, but it seemed to me to make a lot more sense to run while invisible rather than to run at 2 times speed but still visible. It’s all about options, I guess.  Oh, and there is the armor suit which makes you a lot less vulnerable when you’re using that…

Graphically, if you have the hardware, I’m sure the game is the cats meow. I’m running Windows XP and have a GeForce 7900 Go video card, which has been terrific for everything that I’ve played up until this point… but it appears that time has passed because even on a low video setting (1024 by 640) with everything turned to High, the game became a slide show whenever anything was going on.

A lot has been made of the fact that the terrain is highly destructible and while it’s certainly cool that if you put enough rounds into a tree that it will snap and collapse. This is also silly as I watched a soldier trying to shoot me from behind a tree. He managed to put about 20 rounds into the tree before it snapped and collapsed onto him. Funny? Yes. A.I wise? Pretty bad.

I’ll be curious to hear what other people’s thoughts on the demo and the game are though. I might give it a whirl again in the future when I have hardware that is good enough to handle it at a higher resolution and with more detail, but for now it seemed like a mish-mash FPS with the potential for very good graphics.

– Oh, and I edited Dan’s post from before to put carriage returns after each point he made… it was just too hard to read.  Are you text blogging now Dan?  heh.

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3 Responses to Oops Pow Surprise

  1. granger44 says:

    It sounds like Crysis is bringing even tricked out gaming PCs to their knees. I’d suggest bumping things down to medium and seeing if that helps. I know my X850 will necessitate mostly low settings. Graphics are still nice even at the low settings and having seen the game on super high settings at GenCon, you only miss out on some small stuff by bumping things down.

    Game play wise, I’ve enjoyed it. It’s fairly basic as shooters go with the added twists of moddable weapons, which isn’t that big a deal, and the suit powers, which make the game pretty fun. AI is definitely a mixed bag. They do some smart things like flush you out with grenades or fire at the places where the plants are moving if you try to go cloaked in plain sight. Then they turn around and do things that are just plain stupid like your aforementioned case. My personal dunce cap award goes to the trooper who threw his grenade behind some logs on a hill only to have them set loose and roll down on top of him.


  2. RoxnSox says:

    Thanks. The news about cinematictitanic made my day. MST3k is awesome. Especially the original crew.


  3. Glen says:

    Yep. I’m very happy about the fact that they’re putting something back together.

    I did get quite a few chuckles out of the Riff Trax samples though, I’ll have to grab a few of those.


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