Weekend Goodies

Just some random thoughts from an amazing sports weekend.

Ohio State got punched in the mouth Saturday, took it on the chin, and then punched back. Hard. When Beanie got rolling, Wisconsin simply had no answer. Wells is a strong Heisman candidate next year. Bank on it. And as much as the National view is skewed toward OSU simply because of what happened against Florida last year…the Buckeyes are playing championship level football. 

The right tackle for Wisconsin just gave up another sack. Man that kid had a rough day.

LSU getting 5 first place AP votes is a friggin’ joke.

If, and it’s still a big if, OSU gets through Illinois and Michigan, I’d rather play LSU than Oregon in the title game. Oregon would score 50 on LSU and would put up points on OSU, too. I have watched LSU play 3 games this year and I have yet to see that vaunted defense look anything other than average. Auburn scores 24, Alabama scores 34, and Kentucky 43? I know UK has a good QB, but 43?  And this is the consensus A List team with the best defense in the country? Get the hell out of here.  Put down the Southern Comfort and watch the games. There are flaws all over that team.

Kansas is getting screwed. If that team wins out and doesn’t play for the title, just blow up the entire system. It would be a sports travesty if that would happen. If you are in a BCS conference and go undefeated, and there is only one other undefeated team–you’re in. Otherwise what’s the point?

I love Charlie Weis. Thank you Chuck. Really. This has been a BLAST. Seriously.  This couldn’t happen to a better guy. You truly deserve it.

Dan has to turn in his Patriots fan card. Turning off the TV? There’s fair weather, and then there’s that. Drunk or not, that’s hilarious. Sure you’re not a Bengals fan? We have a lot of those around here that aren’t screaming WHO DEY at anyone anymore. Funny how that works.

The best game of the week was on at 4:00 ET Sunday.  It didn’t involve Tom Brady or Eli Manning. It involved Derek Anderson and the no longer hapless Browns. Down 21-6, game tying drives, failed 4th down conversion in OT, and to win 33-30, the Browns are one of the most exciting teams in the entire league and are a blocked 40 yard FG from being 6-2. No defense, all offense, and a no-name QB who is playing on an All Pro level. A huge test for DA next week against Pittsburgh. We kinda owe those guys.

You’d never know how amazing a game it was by watching the ESPN highlights, which consisted of 4 plays, 2 of which were field goals. ESPN is the bane of the sports world.  

Adrian Peterson is obviously amazing.  Less obvious is just how amazing rookie LT Joe Thomas is. Thomas, as a ROOK, has given up zero sacks and takes the right DE out of every game he plays. What a great, great pick.  

Please, please, please…do not let the Browns trade the 6’6 gunslinger (Anderson) because we have Brady Quinn on the sideline. I can see it coming though.  That would be exceptionally crazy.  

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5 Responses to Weekend Goodies

  1. TheGrue says:

    I had to register to the site to respond to this gem. I love your site, but you picked on my team, and now you must pay. First, I will grant you that OSU is undefeated, but how many ranked teams have you beaten this year? I’ll answer that for you. You beat #23 Purdue and #24 Penn State. Meanwhile, LSU pretty much plays a ranked team every week because of the conference they play in. They have beaten #9 Virginia Tech, #12 South Carolina, #9 Florida, #18 Auburn, and #17 Alabama. They lost to #17 Kentucky in triple overtime.

    LSU is a team that threw 3 interceptions, had over 130 yards in penalties and still won their game against Alabama. Sure, they’re giving me heart attacks, but you make them sound like pushovers and considering what LSU has done to teams in Bowl games the last couple of years, I don’t think a team like OSU wants to play LSU, much less Oregon right now.

    LSU’s defense has given up some yards, but them come up with the big stops or turnovers when you need them to. In the SEC, any team can win any game (well except Ole Miss and Vandy), and so scores like you are seeing just happen. It’s a tough conference; much tougher than the Big 10 and I really hope OSU and LSU end up in the title game so I can rub it in when LSU wins.


  2. Glen says:

    – The starter for Wisconsin got hurt early on a chop block, that’s why the Right Tackle was struggling so badly all day, he was a backup for a reason.

    – I could have told you how awesome Thomas is. I loved that the guy was out fishing instead of being at the draft on draft day. That ruled.

    I think there is a complement in there for Wisconsin somewhere… but I think that’s as close as I’ll get to seeing one. Just kidding.


  3. Bill says:

    Yes, Glen, that’s about as close as I can get.

    Now that he’s a Brown, I’m in awe of how good Thomas will become. He’s fantastic. Actually, here’s another. That TE is a world beater, too. He’s going to get paid well soon.


  4. Glen says:

    Yeah, Beckum is a total stud. It’s amazing to think that he came to Madison as one of the best high school linebackers in the country. He’ll leave the UW as a very wealthy man.


  5. open faced club sand wedge says:

    Quick Weis story. I work in Indy and an older guy in the office is real good friends with a guy that is a big time booster for ND. This guy owns car dealerships and buys a block of season tickets on the 50 yard line, etc, etc. He’s such a big booster that he got invited to play a round of golf with Weis when he was at his heighth of popularity a year or two ago. Anyway, apparently Weis wanted to gamble, $100 skins or somesuch. Weis big timed the car dealer guy the whole time, busting his chops and talking on his cell, just a real dick the whole round. But what really burned was that Weis cheated like a sonofabitch! He shaved strokes and “found” his ball, miraculously, on bad shots into the woods. The car dealer took it all in stride and at the end of the round Weis demanded that he was owed a few hundred! Unbeleivable. The car dealer swallowed his pride, paid up, and swore that if things ever went south for Weis he wouldn’t be there to back him up to the administration.

    Weis doesn’t have many friends up there, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him cashiered if next season ends up as bad as this one.

    Derek Anderson looks awesome. I bet some qb hungry team, like Chicago or Baltimore makes a big run at him with a huge offer sheet and the 1st and 3rd round asking price it will require.


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