The Worst Blogger Ever

Yes, that’s me.

One day I will consolidate all of my rogue email accounts into one happy email account so I don’t miss reader email. I promise I’ll do this one day. I’m terribly sorry for seemingly ignoring you guys. I just never think to check the blog email. I have tied a string around my stuffed Brutus Buckeye doll to remind me. Anyway…sorry about that.

Also my blog time is nil right now due to work. When College Hoops is released I’ll be talking about it at length. It’s one of my favorite sports franchises. I’m currently playing The Witcher which is a HUGE PC RPG so that’s a real time eater.

The Great Home Theater Drive of 2007 is almost complete. I have everything here right now: subwoofer, speakers, receiver, wires/cables, new DirecTV HD-DVR. I’m just waiting on the new furniture (today! woo!) and the TV, which has been in the warehouse since LAST TUESDAY but I had to delay delivery because of the lack of a place to put the damn thing.

By Tuesday I will be basking in the glory of my new TV room after DTV installs my new 5LNB dish. If I vanish even more in the coming weeks…chances are it’s not work. It’s TV overload.

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