The Big 10…WTF?

I have said for years that officials do not decide games, and that one play is never a reason a team wins or loses. I still believe that. Bad calls happen and teams have to deal with them. But this is just plain weird. Illinois outplayed Ohio State Saturday. The picture below was a huge play. This was not ruled a fumble. (Seriously, how do you miss that?) The ball went into the end zone and and should have been OSU ball on the 20. Illinois scored on the next play. The B10 said that “replay was not working in the 1st quarter.” What is this? Division III Field Hockey? Are you kidding me? 

 But that is not the reason I post this. While this was an obvious bad call (one of many really) tuns out the Big10 KNEW that this officiating crew was 100% The Suck.

Posted: November 8, 2007

A suspension and possible firings are coming for a Big Ten officiating crew that worked Saturday’s game between Purdue and Penn State.

A source told me Big Ten coordinator of officials David Parry told Purdue coach Joe Tiller that the crew missed several calls during the game in State College, Pa.

“We sent in our usual (report), but there were more than normal this particular game,” Tiller said at his weekly press conference. “I have talked with the Big Ten office. They agreed with us on numerous instances. I’m convinced they’ll take the proper action.”

The crew is working a game this weekend but will be suspended for games on November 17, according to my source.

I also was told some members of the crew might be fired.

The Big Ten doesn’t comment on specific officiating issues.

The crew that worked Penn State’s 26-19 victory comprised referee Stephen Pamon, umpire Pat Bayers, linesman Jack Teitz, line judge Robert Davis, back judge Dennis Morris, field judge Bobby Sagers and side judge Joe Duncan.

Again…are you freaking kidding me? Even if this game was called perfectly…how do you let THAT crew call a game with such huge national implications on the line? It’s like Martin Short runs the conference.

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1 Response to The Big 10…WTF?

  1. Fluffhead says:

    As an Illini fan, I couldn’t believe this load of crap either. I kept yelling for the Illini to get up there and snap the ball as I knew it was a clear fumble / touchback, without replay even being shown!

    It reminds me of the pre-replay days and Illinois’ game against Michigan in 2000. Two horrible blown fumble calls in Michigan’s favor resulting in them winning. Got some apologies from the Big 10 next week (resulting in a furious Lloyd Carr), but it didn’t erase the loss from the books.

    So while this game was an epic one for all of Illini history, I totally sympathize with your anguish over the joke that is Big 10 officiating.


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