Do you have NFL Network

As most sports blog readers know, there’s a huge game tonight but apparently not many people can see it. My local cable company does carry NFL Network HD so I get to see the game, in HD no less. I assume Glen being in WI will also get to see the game even if he didn’t have DirecTV.

 So I want to know — is this a big deal to you? Can you see the game or not — or better yet do you even want to see it? Comment away…


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8 Responses to Do you have NFL Network

  1. crgnjul says:

    I can’t see the game. Comcast offers the NFL network around here, but only if you subscribe to that sports package. I don’t because I don’t feel the channels I’d get are worth the extra $30 a month.


  2. Dan says:

    Oh well. You suck anyway.


  3. crgnjul says:

    Yea, I must suck hard to get beat by you in FF.


  4. Glen says:

    Actually, only Green Bay and Milwaukee will get the game. If you don’t live in those cities, you have to have the NFL network. So, Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, and various other cities, are S.O.L.

    My advice is get a dish and stop giving Charter money.


  5. Rand says:

    I can’t see the game. Nor do I want to- never watched football before in my life, not much inclined to start now.


  6. Fluffhead says:

    $30 a month for the sports package?! Yikes, ours is an extra $5 when combined with two other packs (otherwise $8).


  7. crgnjul says:

    Yep $30 a month and I don’t just have basic cable. I’ve got Digital HD with a HD DVR.


  8. LordFlatus says:

    I comcast really does suck.

    I have TimeWarner and no NFL Network. (I used to have it before they started showing games on the channel, back before TWC bought Adelphia.)

    So no I can’t get the game, and yes I really wanted to watch it.


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