EA Support — bastion of suckiness

Like Glen, I RMA’s my Rock Band drums and guitar on 12/12/2007. Immediately I was issued two UPS tracking numbers. I received the drum kit and mailed the defective one back, but I have not received the guitar. A look at the UPS tracking number says “billing information received” but that’s it. I mailed back the drums on 12/20 and UPS is showing them as delivered 12/27.

 So I found today’s email hysterical:

Dear Dan,

We trust you have received your new Xbox 360 Drum Pads by now and are enjoying the Rock Band experience!  However, it has been 15 days and we have not yet received the faulty Xbox 360 Drum Pads you’re returning to us.

To avoid a charge to your debit or credit account, please return your faulty Xbox 360 Drum Pads immediately upon receipt of your replacement. A charge will be posted 28 days after your request for a replacement if we do not receive your faulty Xbox 360 Drum Pads.

Rock on, Dan!”

I also received the same email about the guitar. So to recap:

1. EA says they haven’t received my old drums, despite UPS proof that it was delivered.

2. EA says I received the guitar even though UPS says it hasn’t shipped.

3. EA counts 2 holidays as business days.

4. Great customer service guys. I’d write more but it’s been 3 days since I updated my question on support.ea.com and no one has written back!

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1 Response to EA Support — bastion of suckiness

  1. RumbleDan says:

    Seeing that nearly every set has had at least one piece of defective hardware, i’m surprised that anything is getting done about it.

    Luckily, I havent had to send anything back, but that may be because 1) I’m not good enough to notice any problems on the drum kit (I guess) and 2) I wouldnt use the guitar even if it were flawless.


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